Chaalu Creative & Wellbeing Programmes

Chaalu Wellbeing

Looking for a wellbeing reset? Let Jai help you.  Learn how to maintain healthy routines and balance for a happier and healthier life. 

Chaalu Wellbeing is perfect for you if you want to create a better life for yourself through emotional healing, self-acceptance and a better mindset.


You may be feeling a little bit all over the place and just want a bit more direction in your life. 

Testimonial from Keira Farley

"Thank you so much Jai for your help and friendly support.  I feel I have so much more direction now, rather than feeling lost."

"Everything was completely out of whack before.  My routine, my life and my health.  I have never felt more grounded and secure in who I am."

Creative Life

Being a Creative person can be very challenging at times.  One minute so many ideas  that you don't know what to do with them. The next minute, you have creative blocks that you can't get past.

Creative Life is perfect for you if you are a talented creative that wants to build confidence in your ideas or want some creative inspiration.

Testimonial from Mia Tang

"Jai, I cannot thank you enough for your support on my ideas.  You have given me the confidence that I need to believe in myself finally.  For that I am extremely grateful.  You have truly changed my life for the better."

Creative Career

Hooray for Creative Careers!! Waking up every day doing something you love is priceless.  With over 17 years of working in Creative Businesses, Jai is an expert in this area.  Turn your creative ideas into your dream career.

Creative Career is a 3 Month Programme designed for Creative Entrepreneurs to build a business they truly love.

 Testimonial from Cassie Hendry

"This was the best thing that I have ever done and I am so sad it is now over.  I loved working with you Jai and your support through the tough times was amazing.  I finally had the guts to turn my dreams of owning a fashion boutique into a reality.  It was hard work and stressful at times, but I am so grateful for your honest and friendly approach to help me through it.  I wish I had done this years ago."

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"Gain clarity, create positive

self-care rituals and live a

purposeful and calmer life."



As a Creative Entrepreneur,  Jai would often come up with a million and one creative ideas, but no idea of how to utilise them or turn them into a business. She spent 17 years creating creative businesses. In that time, her work has been featured in various magazines including the front page of Wedding Ideas Magazine, she has exhibited at Birmingham NEC Shows as well as hundreds of other shows around the UK and also launched her own jewellery brand.  

She trained for over a decade with high end brands including Jo Malone London, L'occitane and Neal's Yard Remedies.  She learnt how the power of scent can effect your wellbeing, so decided to study Aromatherapy and qualified as a Holistic Health Practitioner.


After years of research and planning, she created Chaalu Candle Co and has a book being published in 2021. None of this happened overnight and she needed a lot of planning and determination in order to succeed. 


She has failed many times, but has never given up and has learn't from her mistakes.  Whilst building some of her creative businesses, she worked in jobs which made her feel like her creativity was being suffocated and she was completely fed up with the usual 9-5 corporate robot jobs.  She wanted to break free to unleash her inner creativity. In 2017, she finally achieved that goal and now wants to help other creatives do the same.

Whether you are a wannabe Youtuber, Jewellery Maker, Artist or have any other creative ambitions, Jai can help you.  She can also work with you to achieve more wellbeing in your life and create healthy routines through her supportive Chaalu Wellbeing Programme.


Change your life today and get the support you need to achieve everything you want in life.

Through the various programmes that Jai has to offer, you will gain support in these variety of ways:

* Jai works with clients all over the World through Zoom


* Learn to use your creative talents and ideas to create your own business, build your confidence or expand a current hobby

* Receive ongoing support and guidance 

* Overcome your fears of starting out and enjoy the process of building your own business and brand

* Learn how to create healthy daily routines and habits for a happier lifestyle

* Learn tips and tricks from a Expert in Creative Business & Wellbeing 



per 1 hour session