Flow Therapy


What is FLOW Therapy?

The FLOW Ritual was founded by CBT & Wellness Practitioner, Jai Taylor.  It combines the four secrets to living your life in flow;  Fragrance, Lovely Crystals & CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Organic & Holistic Living and Wellbeing.

This is  a unique talking therapy treatment designed to help women just like you to relax and gain more balance in your body, mind and spirit, so you can put the best version of yourself out to the World.

FLOW Therapy is available to women Worldwide through Skype or telephone.

CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) introduces structure that gives us an idea where to start.  Rather than try to tackle everything at once, a typical session in CBT will focus on one or two of your specific issues.  Having targeted exercises to practice between sessions will provide you with further focus for achieving your goals.  CBT is great for stress management, goal setting, depression and anxiety.

Jai has over a decade of experience training as a Holistic Therapist and Aromatherapist and working with luxury brands such as Jo Malone London, Neal's Yard and L'occitane.  She understand the power of fragrance and positive psychology and how it can effect your wellbeing.

So, she wanted to combine her knowledge and expertise in both of these areas and created her own CBT & Wellness Therapy Business called The FLOW Ritual, to help people just like you.  For best results, it is recommended to have a FLOW Therapy Treatment every week for around 7-10 weeks to maintain your wellbeing.

FLOW Therapy is perfect for you if you are feeling...


*  stressed, unsupported or have you lost a bit of direction in your life

* have picked up bad habits and routines and want to achieve a more happier life

* want to try to heal yourself through a more holistic approach but do not know where to start

* you want to take charge of your own wellbeing whilst being supported

What is included:

* 60 minute talking therapy session

* Aromatherapy Analysis Report including several essential oils that could help you with your wellbeing at this time

* A personalised Crystal Prescription Report 

to help you with your healing

* Positive holistic guidance and CBT Techniques 



or book

FLOW Just CBT for £45